A little about me…

Bonnie is excited to welcome her 600th baby in 2016. She has been working as a birth doula for two decades.

She has been a proud member of Birth Assistants of Boulder since 1996. Due to the on call nature of being a doula, she is able to contract with around 3 clients a month. Her philosophy is that each family has their own personal best birth experience. That starts with really getting to know each family and their own unique life story.

She views her job similar to that of a river guide. When preparing to give birth whether it’s the 1st time or 4th, parents read books, watch videos, practice breathing, pack bags… similar to the way one may prepare for a big river trip. On the birth day, a doula is there to help navigate the river (of labor) it may be fast or slow, there can be unexpected bumps in the way and things that one never expected.

As a doula, Bonnie helps normalize the experience and provides continuous physical and emotional support for both the mama and partner. She educates along the journey and has been trained in massage for laboring women, carries a TENS unit, and squeeze balls, has taken hypnobirthing classes as well as carrying a large bag of comfort tools. Her favorite thing is to show fathers how to support their partners in labor. Bonnie has studied nursing and psychology while living in Maui. She has worked in two busy CNM clinics in Boulder as a Medical Assistant.

Working with mama’s who know they will be requesting an epidural, wanting a water birth, experiencing a VBAC, having siblings present, attending twin vaginal births, planned cesarean births, high risk babies and mothers, home births, natural births is rewarding. She has attended births in over 12 hospitals and birth centers. Her experience is vast and she continues to learn something new from every family.

Bonnie has been photographing the births she attends for 18 years. Children grow up so quickly it is so important to capture all the little footsteps before the socks begin to smell. Bonnie’s work was seen in “Art Maui” in 2008. Art Maui is a juried art show where only one in ten pieces submitted are selected. Bonnie’s piece titled “Birth Day” was a sensation at the show. Bonnie is a very playful person and really strives to capture everyone’s true spirit, and emotion in her photography.

I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Bonnie over many years, sharing mutual clients.  It is obvious that her clients put all of their trust and confidence in her abilities as a Doula.  Knowing that every birth is a unique experience for each family, Bonnie has this great ability to address her clients needs, both emotionally and physically.  It is amazing to watch Bonnie work with her clients, during intense times, during extremely stressful times, guiding them through difficult decision making processes.  It is also wonderful to watch her clients share that special bond of childbirth with Bonnie, knowing that nothing can match the miracle they experienced together.  However, what stands out the most in my mind is Bonnie's ability to work closely with the medical providers, including midwives, nurses, and physicians, and gain the respect of all of the professionals working with these beautiful mommas. Bonnie also brings her expertise as a photographer, to capture the powerful emotions in photos, of a new mom, dad, sibling, or grandparent's expression as they meet their beautiful baby for the first time. I have always loved walking into my patient's room, and seeing Bonnie as their birth doula.  That always gave me a great feeling of content, knowing that my patient is well supported in her birth journey."      ~ Mako Shimoda Ob/Gyn
Bonnie was our doula for all three of our daughters' births While each birth was unique, Bonnie provided such a consistent, reassuring, calming, and caring presence that I couldn't imagine my wife Natalie and I having a baby without her! As a dad, having Bonnie as your doula means that you get to focus 100% on your partner rather than everything else. Whether Bonnie's getting you food or water, talking with the midwives, showing you where to press to alleviate back labor, taking amazing photos, or just providing words of encouragement - her care and friendship is priceless. I happily recommend her to every parent-to-be. ~Matt LeBeau
As a mother who wants the best possible start for my children, I can not speak highly enough of the value of a doula.  We were so fortunate to have Bonnie as the doula for our first birth and did not think twice about asking her to be our doula for our second.  As it turned out, her knowledge became all the more valuable as we faced having to change providers unexpectedly in the middle of our pregnancy.  We would have been lost without her guidance.  She has a joyful, kind and calm presence that would benefit anyone before, during and after birth. ~Stephanie, RN

Bonnie and I have worked together, side by side,  for many years.  We have supported women and their partners in labor and birth at all hours of the day and night. I have never seen someone with more passion and love for being with women in labor than Bonnie. She is healthy, supportive and enthusiastic.  She gives encouragement when it is needed most and she is also very honest and realistic when the birth plan needs to make a change for a healthy outcome for mom and baby.  You could not be in better doula hands with Bonnie at your side.  She is also an amazing photographer and women cherish their birth photos taken by their doula!  Her pure energy is a light of sunshine and a gift to the birth community.  Thank you Bonnie for all that you have done for women and continue to do!!   ~Merrilynn Artman, CNM

When it came time to decide whether it was more important to our family to have a birth photographer to capture the emotions of bringing a baby into the world or a doula to help us achieve our goal of a natural birth we found Bonnie. As a soon to be momma, I felt an immediate connection with Bonnie from our first phone conversation. She really took the time to get to know both my husband and me and to really understand our family's birth preferences. During labor she was the perfect addition to our birth team. She let my husband be as involved with the labor as he wanted to be and knew exactly when to jump in as support without being overbearing. On top of being a great doula, she captured the whole process without being intrusive. I am so glad we had Bonnie at the birth of our son and the pictures to remember that special day.  ~ Proud momma
I have been seeing Bonnie work with women in birth for over three years. When I know Bonnie is going to be a family's doula, I get a big smile and relax. Bonnie shares her heart when she works with families. She is encouraging, supportive, knowledgable, and able to be fully present during the magical process of labor and birth, however it presents itself. Bonnie is able to capture the special moments through her photography and adds special touches such as fresh flowers to float in a bath. And as a birth provider, I have appreciated her calmness and willingness to help in situations that become more intense. Bonnie is one of my favorite doulas!  ~Shaunti Meyer, CNM

Doula Services

 Some of the support you can expect when contracting with Bonnie for your birth include: 

  • Continuous email and telephone support
  • Educational materials including videos about the birth process
  • Two, 2-hour prenatal visits in your home
  • Help writing a “birth preferences” to take with you to the hospital and share your wishes with the staff
  • Hands-on massage and touch techniques for dads and partners to help their woman in labor
  •  A positional “tour” of your house to show you how to use your own home to stay comfy in early labor
  • Post partum check list/plans to set you up for success
  • Breastfeeding support within the first hour of baby’s life and again at home:
  • Access to lactation consultants that visit you at home if additional support is needed
  • 1-2 hours of support in the hospital after delivery
  • 1-2 post visits in your home depending on your needs
  • Help navigating the post partum body and emotions
  • Telephone/email support for new parents
  • 24 hour on-call support after 37 weeks
  • Compassionate and caring physical and emotional support during labor and delivery
  • Photography and written documentation during the labor process




*Birth photography for doula clients is included in the doula package and no additional charge.


Doula Packages

The early bird:
Two prenatal visits*
support through labor and delivery
one post visit*
The late bird:
1 prenatal*
support through labor and delivery
1 post partum visit*
The Owl:
private childbirth education
makes this 3 prenatal visits
support through labor and delivery
one post visit*
Cutie bird:
adds on one
maternity photo session dry or wet 
for $150

**Fees subject to  change based on financial need 


Photography Packages

Let’s take photos! Wet or Dry $200

  • Photo sessions are 1 hour  
  • Wet sessions: Scheduling under water photos at a rec center (Labor day – Memorial day) or outside in the pool in the summer.
  • Photo shoot includes at least 20-30 images back to you in a week, in a downloadable version for you to print as you wish. Custom art pieces and frames are available by commission. 
  • Please bring the entire family or just yourself. Be aware of any elastic clothing that may leave marks on your skin. Do bring changes of outfits and lots of scarfs, dresses, tutu’s, flowers or anything else you feel inspired to play with. Wearing waterproof make up is very fun and can look great sometimes sunglasses, props, hats, magic wands and rubber duckies are always fun.
  • Being in the water and playing with weightlessness feels amazing especially for children and at the end of pregnancy. The water is like a layer of clothing. Any and all fear and self consciousness disappears and a true ease is found. 
“I was nervous about having myself photographed in an bathing suit at the end of my pregnancy. I could not believe how beautiful and uninhibited I felt in the pool. Bonnie made me so comfortable.  Just the experience in itself was amazing. When I received my photos after my baby was born, I cried, my pregnancy was over but I have amazing memories and photos.”  Thank you Bonnie, Sarah

As a birth doula I am often in the hospital for an extended period of time. I may not answer emails before 24 hours or on weekends. Time with my family is very important to me. Please forgive me if you do not hear back from me immediately.

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